St Catherine's Moorabbin
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14 - 28 Fletcher Street

Phone: 03 9555 7200
Fax: 03 9553 0116

The purpose of the School Board is to:

  • act as an advisory body to the Parish Priest, Co-Ordinating Principal and Principal, on matters concerning education in the parish
  • promote and support  the Catholic ethos and identity  of the school
  • act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the parish primary schools
  • provide advice on the development and review of school policies
  • provide an avenue for the representation of the views and concerns of the whole school community
  • provide advice on budget  planning and finance-related matters
  • provide a link between the Parish Priest, Co-Ordinating Principal, Principal, teachers and parishioners in relation to the provision of Catholic education in the parish community
  • promote community development by fostering a strong interrelationship between parish and the parish primary school, Catholic secondary colleges and pre-schools
  • assisting in the selection of a lay principal when such an appointment is being made and in accordance with diocesan guidelines
  • working in collaboration with Parents & Friends Association
  • assist in developing opportunities for parents to access speakers and support with parenting and current educational approaches.

2019 School Board Members



Darren Forner


Penelope Lovegrove

Ordinary Member

Toby Sloan


Effie Toulakis

Ordinary Member

Megan Vassarotti

Ordinary Member

Daniela Plugge-Stevens

Ordinary Member

Dominic Langdon

Ordinary Member

Lynda O'Donnell- Principal


Michael Juliff- Co-ordinating Principal


Fr. Raju Jacob


Federated Schools of Holy Trinity Parish- School Board Guidelines