From Our Parents

"(Our daughter) tried SO hard at everything she did, but she could never remember the letters, sounds, numbers, etc. It was like she had never seen it before from one day to the next, and even when something was repeated from one page to the next. It was extremely frustrating for us, witnessing this. Then she began the Arrowsmith Program and within a few months we had a new child! Whatever she was doing; Tracing, Word, Symbol Rec, L Think (very foreign exercises to any educational professional I know!)...but it was working. Her brain was actually being re-wired. She was beginning to remember things, write more than one sentence, read basic books and remember words, letters & numbers. She could start to express her ideas in writing. But most importantly, her personality was starting to shine. She would look up and smile and say hello to adults (something I'd been trying to instil for years). She would be far more engaging with her friends, joke around and just enjoy life so much more because the world wasn't so hard to"

"It is not just about learning to spell. It is the way ***** lights up when she experiences learning in a way that she couldn't before Arrowsmith. We can see that the positive experiences that ***** is now having around learning are so powerful for her and are changing how she sees herself and are making her feel excited about the learning experiences that are ahead ... this shift is significant and we believe it to be life changing for her."

"Before our son commenced the Arrowsmith program he appeared to be a happy, positive child to others in the class however this was a front to disguise his underlying learning difficulties. ***** became a master of strategies to avoid any activity that included reading, spelling, maths and public speaking. At home this avoidance would almost always involve emotional outbursts to avoid the reading, maths etc. In his words he considered himself to be “dumb” regardless of what reinforcement and support he received from his teachers and us as parents. *****’ self-confidence and consequently his self-belief have developed over the last year due to the Arrowsmith program. He said to me the other day that he now gets maths. The numbers have meaning and he understands how they fit together. He also sits down and actively reads without prompting (even reading to his younger brother). 
To watch your child struggle and loose his self-confidence even though you know he is a bright intelligent person is heart breaking. We have seen the Arrowsmith program give our child the skills to reach his full potential."

"Is the program addressing my daughter's learning difficulties? Yes it is. We have seen the changes in our child as she analyses the world around her in much more depth. She is engaging in the complexities of human relations like any other primary aged child and growing in confidence in the classroom and beyond. It is a wonderful and hard earned transformation to witness. I am convinced that we are pioneers in this education innovation that will become widespread in the near future. The scientific realities of neuroplasticity have shown us that we can teach students not just what to learn, but how to learn. It is an exciting innovation to be a part of for ***** and all of us. Onward!"

From Our Students

"I can understand how they (people) feel without asking.I can tell by their expressions on their faces. I couldn’t do that before."

"I am able to write faster and do two things at once – think and write."

"I think I was more like the person who would just stay back be more of a bystander but now I am able to contribute with the others and help out in a situation."

"I know how to read quicker and I use more punctuation and I don’t sound like a robot."

"With my writing I can get it down on the page quicker and I have more ideas for my writing and I know how to spell it."

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