Welcome to the Federated Schools of the Holy Trinity Parish

In 2012 the Parishes of St Peter’s Bentleigh East, St Paul’s Bentleigh and St Catherine’s Moorabbin became one to form the Holy Trinity Parish. As a result the three schools now being part of the one parish created a larger catholic learning community – A Federation of Schools.

Within this Federated Model each of the 3 schools have remained Prep to Year 6 and retained the ‘soul’ of each School Community that makes it unique. The Schools work closely together and in 2015 Michael Juliff was appointed Co-ordinating Principal of the Federated Schools with each school having their own Principal.

The Four Principals within the Federated Schools, Michael Hanney (St Peter's), Catherine Tammesild ( St Paul's), Lynda O'Donnell (St Catherine's) and Michael Juliff provide strong passionate leadership and aim to develop a culture where the Team is responsible for all aspects of the 3 School Communities.

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